Carina Grønning is a Danish Fashion Designer based in Odense, Denmark specializing in Custom Made Bridal, Evening Wear, and Red Carpet Couture. 

From a young age, Carina has been fascinated by fashion, texture and embellishment from the world of Haute Couture. She likes to fuse recycled materials together and make opposites attract, playing on contrast and combining classic elements with a voguish twist. 

In early 2008 she moved to Spain to study Fashion Design & Development, Bachelor of Arts Degree, at Marbella Design Academy. In 2010 she landed a 3 year internship at Danish Couture Designer Jesper Høvring, where she worked for 4 years. In 2013 she finished her degree achieving the highest marks in pattern cutting and tailoring from Cph West.

In 2017 she launched her own brand and she has since emerged rapidly, being featured in Magasinet IN, Billed Bladet, Se & Hør and has dressed multiple celebrities.

Carina has a natural ability to understand the unique personalities of her clients. She brings visions to life and creates custom made dresses that suit their style, preferences, and body type. Carina has a keen understanding of fashion trends, fabric selection, garment construction, and tailoring techniques. 

Her designs, a fusion of classic elegance and modern flair, have continuously flourished in TV appearances on Dancing With The Stars and Gala Shows. Carinas designs have graced Red Carpet Events all over the world such as The Oscars, Critics Choice Awards, and Cannes International Series Festival, earning her a reputation as a successful Designer.